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As the case of Abdelhak Nouri comes before the Dutch FA (KNVB)'s Arbitration Committee, his family would like to make the following statements.

The family has taken notice of the results of the exhaustive enquiries conducted by John Beer and Lucas Hogeling of the law firm Beer Advocaten. Beer and Hogeling have demonstrated convincingly that, on 8 july 2017, Abdelhak did not receive the appropriate care after collapsing on the pitch in Austria. The results of this enquiry are cause for much sadness. Not only have the family endured a year of living with the severe consequences of Abdelhak's collapse, they must now also live with the knowledge that these consequences could very likely have been prevented if a correct and adequate course of action had been taken.

Until now, the family has attempted to maintain a dialogue with Ajax in order to come to a solution whereby Ajax would acknowledge responsibility and liability. Unfortunately, Ajax has denied any and all liability, and maintain the point of view that the care given was sufficient and adequate. This makes any form of dialogue redundant, as the recognition of responsibility and liability for Abdelhak's suffering is an express condition for the family to continue talks. In the view of the family, the proceedings before the Arbitration Committee not only serve the best interests of Abdelhak Nouri; the entire football community - and in particular the players of Ajax - would benefit from an unequivocal ruling with regard to these matters.

The family awaits the proceedings before the Arbitration Committee. In the meantime, no further comment will be given. The media is requested not to contact the family.

mr. Khalid Kasem
De Vries & Kasem, Lawyers | Investigations